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Sharmaine Kwan

Trail II

Trail II


This series "Trail I" & "Trail II" were created as part of The ARThletes Project and were previously exhibited at the Sun Museum and at the West Kowloon Freespace in Hong Kong. The artworks created by Sharmaine Kwan is based on the theme of martial arts where she captured the essence, energy and motion into her work. LED lights were attached to the blades of a pair of double broadswords and by performing a series of martial arts movements, the motion was captured using light photography painting and then simplified and refined into an acrylic painting.

The first piece "Trail I" with the red and blue lines depict the outer dynamism of martial arts where it is a combination of yin and yang, fast and slow, power and flexibility, to show its vibrant energy and rhythm. On the other hand, the second piece "Trail II" with the white lines and spherical form portrays the inner side of martial arts symbolising the elements of qi, inner peace, mindfulness and respect. The pair of works titled as 'Trail' conveys the long cultural history of martial arts and how it will continue to glow brightly into the future.


  • Original artwork (1 available only)
  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • 60cm x 80cm


  • Artwork is signed by the artist


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