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  • Art Commission

    - Neon Style Artworks

    - Mixed Media Art & Painting

    - Digital Art & NFTs

  • Custom Neon Sign

    - Traditional Neon Glass Sign

    - LED Neon Sign

    - Infinity Mirror Neon Sign

    - 3D Neon Sculpture

  • Art Installation

    - Neon Sign Installation

    - Immersive Experiences

    - Digital Art Installation

  • Others

    - Art Direction

    - Events

    - Commercial Space Interior Decor

    - Product Artwork Design

Previous Projects

YouTube Top 1500 Creators NFT Art Gift Commission

Commissioned by YouTube, the personalised NFT gifts reached top global YouTubers who shared it with millions of their fans such as Mr & Mrs Gao (老高與小茉), Footdocdana (Dr. Dana Brems), Diva Depressao, Flakes Power (Joao Sampaio), Korea Grandma, Acooknamedmatt (Matt Broussard), Dinatokio, Edho Zell, Simsaimdang, Sara Wijayanto, Manonbrilcuah (Manon Bril), Lipaogamer (Felipe Viktor), Thomas Söpper, Molly Burke etc.

Neon Sign Installation Commissioned by Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong Development Bureau)

The installation featuring two large scale LED neon light walls along the harbour front attracted many visitors with a high engagement and interaction with the public and was covered in multiple news and media outlets.

Henderson Land Artlane Neon Light Installations

'Hi-Light Alley' - Sai Ying Pun

Featuring several iconic neon light pieces, the installation attracts visitors and tourists as well as adding a vibrant atmosphere for the residents.

Digital Art Show Commissioned by HKUMed (The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Medicine)

135th Anniversary Show 'Medicine and Healthcare Through the Lens of Digital Art'

Illuminating the novel achievements of clinical research, the show was visited by notable doctors and professionals whilst garnering wide interest from the public.

Henderson Land Digital Art Commission

By transforming the construction site into a dazzling animated piece of art, the work captures the elements of innovation, people and sustainability whilst increasing brand reach and awareness on social media platforms.

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  • Immersive Digital Art Installation at TODA, Dubai

    360 degrees immersive large scale digital neon art installation at The Theatre of Digital Art and Art In Space in Dubai for Project22

  • Digital Art Fair Asia

    Neon sign installation and NFTs exhibited at DAFA

  • Cathay Pacific VIP Event at JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong

    Marco Polo Club Chairman's Drinks 2019 & 2018 - Live Event Illustration with over 800 VIP guests

  • Neon Sign Installation for Artistsverse Show at Tower 535

    'Meta Nostalgia NFT Art Theatre Experience' featuring numerous themed neon light installations that fill the space in a neon glow

  • Neon Sign for Media Studio Headquarters

    Combining motifs of reaching the moon and pressure makes diamonds, the piece encourages and lifts up team spirit in the office.

  • The ARThletes Project

    Organised by Culture Action, The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, and Art Next

  • Metal Engraving Design for Cathay Pacific

    Travel themed gifts for Cathay Pacific VIP Marco Polo Club Members

  • Piano Art Commission for HKACA and Kwai Chung Hospital

    Neon and Hong Kong city themed hand-painted piano art commission public art for hospital


“The design is absolutely incredible, and the features accurately reflect our company’s ideology. When walking past this logo everyday our staff and colleagues feel inspired. Thank you Sharmaine. Your art invokes a strong and passive energy.” – Grant Y. CEO & Co-founder of Media Studio

"It has been a pleasure working with Sharmaine. We love our commissioned piece and look forward to commissioning the next one. It is stunning and bright, creating energy and conversations. The artwork is truly mesmerizing." - Jason P.

"As someone who has always loved neon, Sharmaine's art is different and unique with her own style. It is beautiful and reminds me of important values." - Liz C.

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    From small design details to large installations, Sharmaine will provide professional art direction and advice with a range of options available.

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